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This is the story of the Best family of Ryde, NSW. George and Sarah Best migrated to Ryde from Dorset in 1849, when Ryde was a small fruitgrowing district somewhat remote from Sydney. 150 years later, the family is spread world-wide and some 2000 members have been identified.

The story is told in two sections - the Dorset story and the Ryde story - which are accessed by following the relevant links (see panel at left). Some assumptions have been necessary, since the older records (pre 1837) are limited, but we and several other family members have carried out cross checks and are reasonably confident of the accuracy of the details presented. In the interests of readability, footnotes and cross references have been omitted, but some additional information is available from the author. The site is not intended as a genealogical resource and anyone with such interests should not rely on this information but should check original source documents wherever possible.

This web page is primarily for the interest and enjoyment of family members and the sharing of results with those who have contributed. Further contributions and correction of any errors will always be welcome.

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