Up to about 1900, there were over 120 separate Best arrivals in Australia. Some of these were individuals and some were families. Most arrived from various parts of England or from Ireland. Some formed extensive family groups with many descendants

George Best (c1758- ), convict, arrived Third Fleet, 1791. Served 7 year term, married Martha Chamberlain. Family settled in various parts of New South Wales Seven Hills, Dural, Wagga Wagga.


Anthony Best (c1773- ), convict arrived Sydney 1810. Married , England (4 children), m2 Hannah Blakefield nee Clothier (2 children); deserted and lived with Mrs Powell. Had business interests and travelled to Tasmania, then Adelaide. In Adelaide married housekeeper, Grace Sloggett (4 or 5 children) .


James Best (c1788-1869) & Ann (Goacher), arrived Tasmania 1829 from Sussex. Family in Tasmania and Victoria

David Best (c1796-1877) & Elizabeth (Stoneleigh), arrived Tasmania 1834 from Brighton, England.

Samuel Best (c1811), convict, arrived 1834 from Dorset. Married Maria Jarret in 1840 and lived at Brisbane Water then Bellingen NSW.


James Best & Elizabeth arrived Adelaide by 1846 from Lyminster, Somerset

Thomas Best & Ann Grigg arrived Adelaide 1847 from Cornwall. Lived Kapunda and Moonta.
John Best (c1824 - ) & Jane (Symons) and family, arrived Adelaide from Cornwall 1860, went on to Melbourne 1861.
James Best (1834- & Grace (Bennetts) arrived Melbourne from Cornwall 1863.
William Best (1830- ) & Catherine (Lark) arrived Melbourne from Cornwall 1863. William Best (1830- ) & Catherine (Lark) arrived Melbourne 1863.
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James Best (c1800-1872) & Elizabeth Ann (Pengilly), arrived Sydney 1849 from Helston, Cornwall.
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Charles Best (b. 1811, Sturminster Marshall, Dorset) and his wife Maria Cousins (b. 1814, Blandford, Dorset) arrived Portland, Victoria, 6/6/1849 aboard "British Empire" from London. With them were their son, Henry (20) and his wife Virtue nee Williams (19), daughter Jane (17, daughter Anne (13), son William (10), and daughter Sarah (8). Charles, Maria & children went to Melbourne to take jobbing.
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Robert Henning Best (1833- ) & Jane (Wallace) arrived Victoria by 1856. Farmer and customs officer.

Alban Thomas Best (c1810- ) & Frances Ann (Hunsley, nee Thomas) arrived Melbourne 1850 from Suffolk

Ed Henry Best (1825- ) & family arrived Adelaide 1850 from London

Isaac Best & Family arrived Brisbane 1855 from Somerset.