Samuel Gooud's Family

Samuel migrated to Sydney with his mother and stepfather aboard the Rattler in 1853, aged 12. They probably lived at Ryde.

He married an Irish girl from Kings County, Mary Molloy Byrnes, at St Augustine's Balmain, in June 1860. They lived in Balmain – 1861 at Nicholson St; 1870 at Waterview St; 1875 St Andrews St; 1879 Cooper St. All their children were born in Balmain. They were members of St Augustine's Catholic Church.

Samuel was an engineer / shipwright at Mort's Dock until he injured his back.  [check reference to ship "Federal" in Technological Museum - built by SJG according to Sr Dorothea]. The family then had a grocer's shop at 216 Darling St.

Mary died in 1908 and Samuel died in 1910 aged 69.  They are buried at the Field of Mars Cemetery, Ryde.

The children were: