Family of Thomas Evans

Percival Henry Evans

Percival was born on the 8th March, 1869 at Adelaide.

He married Margaret Mary Sexton at All Soul's Church, at St. Peters on the 29th October, 1890. Margaret was a daughter of Thomas and Mildred Charlotte Sexton nee Bourne, and was born on the 3rd June, 1868 on Kent Brush Station, near Nelson in south west Victoria.


Percival was a Law Clerk, and worked with Sir Josiah Symon. "Percy Evans was for many years Mr. Symon's right-hand man and confidential clerk, did most of the private engrossing, and so on, left to become secretary of the Chamber of Manufacturers (1899 - 1901) but subsequenty rejoined Sir Josiah Symon." (quoted from OUT Among the PEOPLE by VOX (- quote source?)

Percival + James SextonAccording to his death certificate he was a Farmer at Taragoro near Cleve on South Australia's Eyre Peninsula. And according to his son, Ralph's death certificate, Percival was an Insurance Inspector as well as a Farmer.

Children at Redfern

Children born to Percival and Margaret were:

In their time, Percy and Margaret lived at Norwood, Hyde Park, Wattle Street, Malvern. Percy finished out his years as a farmer on Taragoro near Cleve, whilst Margaret was living at Young Street, Unley.

Percy died at Cleve Hospital on the 27th June, 1928.

Margaret died on the 24th June, 1956 at Wodonga Private Hospital at College Park, Adelaide and was cremated at West Terrace Cemetery.  Her ashes were scattered at "Nundora" Station, via Broken Hill.