Herbert Evans (1842 - 1892)

Herbert was the first child born to William and Mary Ann. He was possibly born on the 16th May, 1842 in Cheshire, England.

Herbert married Mary Eleanor Ranson at High Street Church, Kenginston. The marriage was celebrated by Herbert's grandfather, Rev. Henry Cheetham, on the 10/13th January, 1866.   Mary  was born in 1833.

Herbert and Mary lived for many years at Palm House, which is now part of the St. Peters Boys' Collegiate School in Adelaide, South Australia.

According to records Herbert was a Shipping Clerk on the birth of his son, John, or a Merchant's Clerk on John's death certificate. Herbert died at the age of 49 years and both he and his wife (who died 1897) are buried with Mary Ann Evans in the High Street Cemetery at Kensington.


Two children were born to Herbert and Mary:
  • John Ranson born 12th December, 1868 at Stepney, died (of 'Dentition') 25th November, 1869, at Hope Cottage, Glenelg. He is buried at the Kensington/Norwood Cemetery.

  • Arthur Ernest Herbert (1871 - 1950)