Family of Eirene Alice and JHS Blomfield

Mildred Best Bryce

Mildred Best Blomfield was born at Kamuela (S. Kohala), Hawaii HI. Mildred worked 37 years with Alexander and Baldwin as Personnel Administrator. She is a 'fern lady', with 17 types of Adiatum (Maiden Hair Fern).


She married Thomas Joseph Kappock Jr (Tommy) in 1942 but the marriage was dissolved in 1948. T J Kappock Jr served on board the USS Enterprise, nemesis of the Japanese Navy throughout the war in the Pacific. The 'Big E' was on a war footing at sea under Adm Wm Halsey during the Pearl Harbor attack.

In 1952, Mildred married John Monroe Bryce. In World War II, John Bryce served as an Electronics Technician, Submariner, aboard the USS Sea Dragon. Later he attended Texas A&M University and was at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard 20 years as Project Supervisor. He is a builder/skipper of Enterprise class sail boats and builder/flyer of an experimental 13 metre sail plane. A bicyclist, he participated in the Trans Canada race at age 64. He is a Master Mechanic, and a furniture craftsman.

Mildred has one son and a step-son.