The Family of Gertrude and Hubert Harry Best

Thanks to Mrs Marjorie Hendrix of Paddington, Qld, for her assistance researching this family

Hubert Harry was born in 1874 and was a school teacher at age 17. He married Gertrude Ellen Ford at Shillingstone in 1900 and they had six children. Gertrude had travelled to India as lady's maid / companion to Lady Lowndes before her marriage.

Hubert taught in Swanage and Blandford, ending his teaching career as Headmaster of Godalming Boys Grammar School, now no longer a school but a hotel. He then worked for Prudential Insurance. Gertrude was also a teacher but gave it up because of bad legs.

Hubert, Gertrude and the four younger children migrated to Australia in 1923, following their elder son, Arch, arriving on the Largs Bay . "Poor Grandma and the girls wondered what they had come to, after living in a lovely home in Blandford, and arriving by horse and sulky to the native Australian bush with all the creepy crawly snakes and spiders was quite an ordeal for them." ( – Marjorie Hendrix)

In Australia, Hubert worked for T & G Insurance in Brisbane for many years.

He died in 1940 at Brisbane. Gertrude died in 1944 at South Brisbane.