The Family of Ethel Mary Best and Ron Sloper

Ethel Mary was born at Blandford. She wanted to be a teacher but failed the medical due to her bad eyesight. She tried several other occupations – secretary cum chauffeur to a lady in Dorking, then a dressmaker (not so good for the eyes), before eventually returning to Blandford to help her father in the coal business. During the war she became Fuel Officer for North Dorset.

From schooldays, Ethel had two constant boyfriends, Ron and Eddie, but was in no hurry to get married. They both stayed faithful until 1947, when she decided to marry Ron E Sloper. They were married in 1948 at Blandford. Ethel died in February 1996 at Blandford Hospital. Ethel and Ron had two children.


John, Myra, Philip and Jenny