Harry Hare

Harry was born in 1851 at Blandford. He died in 1893 in Sydney.

SMH Fri May 5 1893 (pp1, 5, 8)
Hare - May 4, at Sydney, from injuries accidentally received, Harry Hare, of Varlo, Boulevard, Dulwich Hill, Petersham. Aged 41 years.

page 5 (no heading): The death of Harry Hare, aged 41, formed the subject of an inquest held at the South Sydney Morgue yesterday. From the evidence it appeared that Harry Hare, on the previous day, while in the act of jumping on the 5.15 tram to Dulwich Hill at the intersection of Elizabeth and Liverpool streets, fell between the first and second car. The near side leading wheels of the second car passed over him. Dr Maitland of the Sydney Hospital, where the deceased was speedily taken, stated that three ribs on the right side had been fractured as well as one on the left side. There was a wound at the right armpit exposing the nerves and the vessels, and the outer point of the left collar-bone had been fractured. The back had also been severely injured. The cause of death was, in his opinion, shock consequent upon these injuries. The jury returned a verdict of accidental death. Deceased was a draughtsman by profession and had recently retired from a position at the Surveyor General's Office.