The Family of Lilian Flora Best and T Sidney Braund

Lilian Flora born 1895 in Blandford, was the first child of George and Fanny. She trained as a kindergarten teacher and taught at the Regent's Park Open Air School in London, a school for the well-to-do. Most of the classes were held out of doors here – regardless of the weather. In the afternoons, she used to help one child with his work and piano practice. Lilian was a very good pianist and did a lot of accompanying before her children were born.

 She married T Sidney Braund at Blandford in 1919. Sidney was from a Devon family but lived in Newcastle. He was stationed in Blandford, with the Royal Naval Division during the 1914-18 war, where he met Lilian. The family lived in Newcastle, where Sidney was a school teacher, later Headmaster, and they returned to Dorset on his retirement in 1949.